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About us

During the last 25 years Elisabet sh.p.k has been developing capabilities to produce every kind of paper products and customize them according to our clients’ demands.

Elisabet Sh.P.K.

Elisabet sh.p.k is a limited liability company registered since 1994. The business started with coffee production and expanded its operating field to become today the largest manufacturer of paper products in Albania.

Today the company focuses on the manufacture and distribution of quality tissue-paper products throughout the region. As our main product is tissue paper in every form, we continue to expand our product range with different categories and bring to the Albanian market some of the finest products at a very reasonable price.

Focused on producing innovative products of high quality, we are committed to constant progress at all levels. For us, everything starts from the consumer and leads back to our factory. Our production lines are designed and organized with the capability of accommodating different needs at any given time.

The services of Elisabet sh.p.k are also customized to meet the varied specifications required by its partners.

About OUR

Added Value

Our attempts for forming a significant big business in Albania started directly after the Communist Regime fell, as the Albanian market was practically empty and with big demand for almost everything, but the idea of Elisabet sh.p.k was consolidated only in 1994.

The first years we were focused on coffee, refreshment drinks etc, and that same year the demand for tissue paper gained popularity. Within the next two years we could supply 80% of the market with paper products and started our customized lines for businesses. The whole idea of paper products started form the founding family itself, the Zhidros. They realized that they were competing with much larger mills and they would need to find markets where they would be more important to their customers.

During the next 25 years, Elisabet sh.p.k developed capabilities to produce every kind of product paper and customize all of them according to our clients demand.

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